Superb Solutions For You, INC (“the Company”) is a manufacturer of a better class of water treatment chemicals, helping to meet a market demand for more environmentally friendly ways to produce the chemicals that mitigate harmful agricultural waste, purify drinking water, and treat wastewater. Based in Virginia, Superb Solutions For You. The Company’s manufacturing process will use a cleaner source of base chemicals and use environmentally friendly production techniques to offer a cleaner and more effective waste and wastewater treatment product.

Mission Statement

Superb Solutions For You is committed to producing clean chemicals, working with the finest associates, suppliers, and customers, driven by an urgent can-do attitude and a philosophy that demands integrity and financially sound operations.

Aluminum Sulfate (Liquid Alum) is also a widely used and versatile industrial chemical, playing an important role in various industries.  It lowers the pH level but will cause an increase in the Caustic levels. It is used in the pulp and paper industry as well as water and wastewater treatment. It helps clarify potable, processed water, and wastewater.

Core Values

Excellent in producing quality chemicals

Passionate in meeting our customers needs & demands

Integrity in having great work ethics and moral standards

We have a can do philosophy

Why Superb

Superb Solutions For You is committed to producing clean chemicals, working with the finest associates, suppliers. Driven by an uncompromising commitment to superior service, we are a customer-focused organization of accomplished professionals driven by a philosophy that demands integrity and sound financial operations.   We deliver a quality product tailored to suit any water treatment/ waste water facilities, poultry farms, pulp and paper plants and power plants.

Acid Alum

Acid alum is a widely used and versatile industrial chemical that greatly improves poultry production and lowers the environmental impact of farms by reducing ammonia emissions in the air, lowering phosphorus runoff from fields fertilized with poultry liter. Acid Alum also reduce the number of pathogens in the liter. Over half of the nitrogen excreted by chickens is lost to the atmosphere as ammonia before the liter is removed from the poultry house. Research has shown that adding aluminum sulfate to the litter greatly reduces the ammonia emissions. Lower ammonia levels result in heavier birds, better feed conversion and lower mortality. Acid Alum additions to poultry litter also precipitates the phosphorus into a form that is not water soluble.


Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper making involves enormous investments in plant and equipment. But the success or failure of such investments can sometimes depend on rather simple chemistry, and on chemicals costing only a tiny fraction of the final product sales price. Superb Solutions is a company who has the solution to any of your needs by suppling an Iron free Aluminum Sulfate chemical (Alum), storage space for rail cars, storage space for large heavy equipment for Papermills, storage space for Woodchips, storage space for a satellite yard to store extra PulpWood doing annual shut downs, or doing icy conditions then we would have the capability to ship pulp wood by rail that will save your company a substantial amount of spending capital.


Shipping By Rail Services

Choosing to ship your product by rail is both efficient and cost effective. Each rail car holds four times the amount of product as a traditional tractor trailer. Superb is located within miles Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads, ensuring competitive rates and outstanding customer experience.

Our team is experienced at shipping, warehousing, and unloading your bulk liquid and dry ingredients from hopper bottom cars and tankers. With our private rail siding, we have the flexibility to unload and deliver the product when it works best for your business.

Transload Your Product To Virginia With Third Party Logistics  From Superb Solutions For You, Inc,. When you need to ship raw material to Virginia contact Superb Solutions For You Inc,. Our experienced team of professionals will schedule your shipment via rail, unload it, warehouse it, and assist  in. the transport to final destination at an extremely competitive price. We have the ability to store and transport vast quantities of product within our facility and its borders. Let us serve you.

Keys to Success

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